The Owner & Aesthetician

Rebekah Key, a Georgia licensed Aesthetician since 2001, has a strong passion & belief for providing the latest in corrective skincare treatments & truly relaxing spa services through natural, chemical free products. After working in the esthetic field for over five years, Rebekah decided to step out from employment at spas & put her education, experience, personal skills, and integrity to use in order to offer that belief that she is so passionate about, thus Skin Solutions was born. Now in business over thirteen years, Skin Solutions offers professional, natural and medical grade solutions for your skins’ health & natural beauty.

As owner of Skin Solutions, Rebekah has an avid interest in one-on-one analysis & specialized treatment in order to provide her clientele with corrective solutions specific to their skin. She continuously studies the latest advances in skincare treatments & products while still holding on to her primary belief that our skin can be enhanced and repaired, from the inside out, by using Chirally-Correct Ingredients. She is dedicated to practicing a chemical-free skincare studio, using products and treatments containing no parabens, dyes, or irritation. Your skin will love the difference!

In 2008, the Institute of Medical Aesthetics acknowledged Rebekah for successfully completing the Medical Aesthetics Certification Course.

To schedule an appointment for a complimentary Skincare Consultation with Rebekah, please contact our office at 770.886.6979 or email us [email protected].