Enzyme Peels

Skin Solutions offers CosMedix peels which are ‘Chirally Corrected’ to encourage skin rejuvenation.  All peels are rich with antioxidants that restore the skin & also prevent further cell damage from occurring.  This process encourages cell turnover & the end result is brighter, healthier skin!
Peel treatments include a Skin Evaluation & Post-Peel Instructions.  The neck & décolleté may be added for an additional charge.

Treatment Packages

The skin is aged & damaged over time, so a series of Peels is recommended for greatest results.  Purchase 5 Peel Treatments, in advance and in full, and receive the 6th one free.

Blueberry Smoothie ~ $125

This invigorating scrub is infused with anti-oxidants and pore cleaning power!
Blended with L- Lactic Acid & Blueberries, this peel will wake up the skin and bring forward that bright, healthy glow! A great alternative to microderm … without the abrasion to the skin! Good for most skin types, and especially recommended for enlarged pores/blackheads and sun-damaged skin.

Pomegranate Peel ~ $125

Delivers loads of anti-oxidants to the tissues while evening out top layers of skin, all while gently stimulating collagen. Helps prevent free radical damage. Balancing, hydrating and recommended for sensitive, dry, and sun damaged skin, also great as a layer!

Benefit Peel ~ $150

An all-around favorite, bringing you L-Lactic Acid with Vitamins A & C (L-Ascorbic Acid), this peel will brighten up the skin while nourishing it too! A must for Rosacea Skin Types! Reduces irritation and provides support to build up capillary walls (thus reducing the appearance of blood vessels as it thickens the skin). This peel provides collagen stimulation, while brightening and balancing the skin. Great for all skin types, especially hyper-sensitive, rosacea, mild acne or aging skin.

Transition Peel ~ $ 140

Addresses the concerns of Anti-Aging, Pigmentation and Acne. It has many benefits, such as increased collagen synthesis, reduces inflammation, reduces redness and dermatitis.  Lessens the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and softens and refines skin texture.

Purity Peel ~ $175

Hence the name, this is a purifying peel that will detoxify your skin! Delivering a potent blend of Chirally Correct Vitamin A (L-Retinol AGP Complex), L-TCA and Salicylic acid, this formulation will purge the skin, decongest pores, fight acne bacteria and inflammation , plus help remove sun damaged skin cells. Especially recommended for oily skin, acne, acne scarring, hyper-pigmentation, and sun-damaged skin types.

Timeless Peel ~ $325

A ‘Tomorrows Peel’ noted for its excellence in the age-management category, this over-night peel produces dramatic results with little down time. Chirally Correct Vitamin A and L-Lactic Acid penetrate deep in the skin layers to increase cellular turnover and visibly reduce the signs of aging. This peel is especially recommended for aging, sun-damaged skin, oily & enlarged pores, hyperpigmentation, acne, acne scarring and normal skin types. This peel treatment includes the neck, as well as a CosMedix After-Care Kit.
NOTE: This peel requires minimum 2-4 week prep; please consult with your Aesthetician!

Deep Sea Peel ~ $325

Our most intense non-acid peel featuring herbs from the sea! This ‘Tomorrows Peel’ will dramatically improve your complexion and remove sun damage, acne and scarring while stimulating collagen. NOTE: This peel requires minimum 2-4 week prep; please consult with your Aesthetician!

Enhance the results of any Chirally Correct Enzyme Peel with these beneficial add-ons:

Pomegranate Enzyme Layer ~ starting at just $45
Blueberry Jessner Layer/Spot Treat ~ starting at $15
Ultrasound Treatment ~ $35

All Prices Stated above are for the face only, unless otherwise noted. The Neck & Décolleté may be added on at a pro-rated charge. Please inquire for pricing per peel/per zone.