Medi Facials

Medi-Facials are designed not only to relax and pamper, but also to deliver key essentials to the skin.  Nourishing, Healing, Rejuvenating, Relaxing … RESULTS!!  All Medi-Facials include a facial, neck, décolleté and hand massage for relaxation.

Anti-Aging Ultrasonic Lift ~ $125

A retreat for mature skin!  After thoroughly cleansing the skin, we use enzyme exfoliation and steam towels. During the treatment, Ultrasonic waves penetrate the skin delivering nutrients to the tissues.  While increasing your skin’s circulation, the skin is brightened, tightened, and lifted. This treatment will activate ingredients, so when using extra–correctives the result is enhanced even greater!  Many of our clients have been accused of having a “lift” after this facial!!

Oxygen Facial ~ $100

One of our most popular Medi-Facials!  Immediately brightens your complexion & sterilizes the skin, making it a great choice for any skin type including skin prone to acne breakouts.

Aromatherapy Sinus Facial ~ $95

A luxurious and pampering treatment, invigorating all of your senses!  This treatment includes cleansing of the skin, enzyme exfoliation and double the steam of a basic facial. We include steam towels as well as our steam vaporizer to give you maximum relaxation with your facial, while incorporating the healing & uplifting properties of aromatherapy oils. Also includes a custom mask enhanced with correctives specific to your skin.  If you love steam – this facial is for you!!

Hydrate Me ~ $85

If you are always feeling DRY then you must try our hydrating facial! We begin with deep but gentle cleansing and then exfoliate dry dead skin cells with our Cranberry Enzyme formula.  Steam towels are used to relax and open the pores. You’ll also receive a relaxing pressure-point massage with a custom blend of organic grapeseed oil & aromatherapy blend.  A triple-layered mask rich with anti-oxidants and hydrators resolves any dry skin and new skin emerges – radiant, hydrated, refreshed and renewed!!

Repair Me ~ $85

If your skin is in need of being restored, this facial is the one for you!  It’s designed to calm irritation and inflammation of the skin. Beginning with a gentle cleanse, the skin is nourished back to health with vital nutrients that calm, soothe, heal and protect the skin from environmental damage.  We also incorporate Rescue Balm which immediately relieves any irritation on the epidermis.  Your skin will be fresh and restored!

Acne Medi-Facial ~ $85

This facial is designed to control blemishes & breakouts.  We begin this treatment with a double-deep cleansing to rid the skin of impurities. Next we treat the skin with an enzyme exfoliation to further purge the skin, break up the oil deposits and clean out pores.  We incorporate the Clear Mask in this facial treatment to draw excess oil and treat breakouts.  Finally, we apply correctives and a chemical free sunscreen.

In The Beginning ~ $75

This facial treatment is designed especially for teens & young ones.  Inside this unique session, the client is able to have personal time with the Aesthetician and receives an overview of how to take care of their skin – the body’s largest organ! We incorporate a general ideal of personal hygiene and nutrition to give the client the tools needed to have healthy skin.  This Facial treatment includes cleansing, exfoliation, steam towels, a mask treatment, moisturizer and sun protectant.

Mantastic Facial~ $85

Just for the guys! This facial is suited to his unique skincare needs. Facial treatment includes a deep pore cleansing, enzyme exfoliation with steam towels, facial acupressure/massage, anti-oxidant mask treatment, followed by a skin-specific moisturizer and environmental protectant.

Back Facial ~ $85

It’s a facial for the back! Includes all the good stuff – double cleansing, exfoliation, steam towels, mask treatment, hydrators, and massage throughout!   This is a very relaxing treatment for men and women of any age!

Enhance the results of any Medi-Facial with these beneficial add-ons:
Enzyme Peel ~ starting at $45
Ultrasound Treatment ~ $35