INTRODUCING Société’s Newest Product for Acne



  • Oil-free antibacterial cream
  • Provides a transparent band-aid effect, keeping dirt and bacteria off the skin
  • Works in 5 different ways to prevent oil build-up and break-outs: –

~Organic Safflower Glycerides, Willowherb and

~ Lilac Extract help to control oil and reduce pore size –

~ Enzyme Lysozyme works on destroying bacteria – Willowherb works to prevent sebum from becoming thick and sticky, leaving pores uncongested –

~Salicylic Acid works to exfoliate dead cell build-up on the surface of the skin –

~Lilac Extract targets inflammation and reduces sebum


  • Great oil-free moisturizer for men
  • Very good for oily, acneic and Rosacea skin types
  • Controls oil on skin without drying effects
  • Proprietary antimicrobial peptide Myristoyl Tetrapeptide-13 purifies the skin
  • Adds an additional layer of treatment for acne prone skin when layered on top of Blemish Clarifying Complex
  • Mirabilis Jalapa Extract aids in fading redness and skin sensitivity for rosacea clients