IV Infusions

We understand that choosing the right IV from a huge list can be daunting. Know that all of our IV infusions offer hydration, vital nutrients, restorative minerals and numerous other health benefits. Each individual infusion is tailored to the specific target ailment or health concern and can be customized for the individual. All infusions promote wellness and general body homeostasis.


A good choice for general IV maintenance, this infusion has a good all-around mix of vitamins and nutrients that promote healthy and efficient body systems. By far our most popular drip. (Ask about making it Supercharged!) $175


Good for immune systems and for cold season upkeep. If you are or might soon be fighting a cold or any infection, this infusion will help fight and decrease the duration. For added boost, upgrade to our Super Immune Booster. $175


A great option for those trying to reduce acute anxiety, stress and/or depression. This drip has tailored ingredients to relax muscles and nerves, and also aims to maximize neurotransmitter function. The combined ingredients promote self-healing and peacefulness. $225


Chronic or intermittent pain can range from inconvenient to long term debilitating problems. Our pain relief drip has ingredients aimed to relieve this pain for an extended period. This drip is non-narcotic, yet a step up from OTC medications. $225


A migraine is much more than a headache. This IV is much like our pain relief IV but has an added anti-nausea ingredient as well as nutrients and vitamins to provide faster and longer lasting effects than oral medications. $225


Water is the essential element for the body. This drip gives an added hydration boost as well as vital nutrients. The included ingredients ensure the body systems function efficiently and promote body system symmetry. This drip is perfect for add-ons. $150


Not just for serious athletes, this infusion is aimed at helping your body function at its peak potential. The ingredients included promote oxygen delivery, muscle recovery and general nutrients to supply the greater demands of the athlete’s body. A good choice for anyone that works out on a regular basis or simply active people. $225


Many adults encounter being out later than normal and consuming more alcohol than planned. The resulting rough day is usually attributed to dehydration and unchecked free radicals. This drip is designed to hydrate, replenish, reduce inflammation and invigorate the body. Included are ingredients for pain and nausea. $200


This infusion was created to help those suffering from chronic or persistent gut or stomach problems. The ingredients in this cocktail help alleviate stomach pain, nausea and bloating. Special ingredients are included to relax stomach muscles and promote general G.I. system balance. $200


Weight Loss IV Therapy

Our weight loss IV series is not a magic drip that makes fat disappear. Instead it is a series of infusions designed to accompany a healthy diet and a regular exercise routine. Our ingredients do promote the fat burning process, aid metabolism and maintain energy. Suggested as a series of ten. Ask for details!

Anti-aging Telomere Therapy

The anti-age IV series is a blend of ingredients that help improve cognition, support repair mechanisms, and enhance healthy aging. Included are strong antioxidants, vital nutrients and anti-age minerals for those wishing to slow the hands of time. Recommended in a series of six to ten. Ask for details and what telomeres are!